Habit of Courtesy Post

Champions practice being courteous because they understand that Martial Arts always begins and ends with respect. It’s like a code of conduct amongst quality Martial Artist. It must be practiced daily on and off the mats.  

Whenever you greet someone, be first to offer your hand for a positive and polite greeting, look them in the eye as you express sincere respect and appreciation.

Kids are taught early in life to be courteous and to have good manners. Often times the simple and important lessons we learn early in life need to be repeated and relearned. Demonstrating good manners and courtesy is one of those life lessons and it’s a core principle of being a high quality Black Belt Champion.

It is one of the first things you learn when you begin training in the Martial Arts. 

It also separates us from other activities. 

It’s also something that is lacking in much of society today.

Being courteous and respectful is an excellent way to make a positive first and lasting impression on others. It's a behavior that benefits any relationship, personal or professional. Saying “PLEASE” and “THANK YOU”, looking someone in the eyes during conversation, these are all subtle and proper ways to show Black Belt manners and demonstrate courtesy. 

Be a Model of Respect and Courteous Behavior!

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